The Sixth Visegrad Conference

Dynamical Systems, Prague 2015

6 – 10 July

The Sixth Visegrad Conference:
Dynamical Systems, Prague 2015

In memory of Jan Hus (1369?–1415)

Biography from Encyclopædia Britannica
Exhibitions in the National Museum Collections

Arrivals: Sunday, 5th July
Departures: Saturday, 11th July


  • billiards
  • dynamics on special continua
  • entropy
  • topological dynamics

Invited Speakers (confirmed)

Péter Bálint (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Jan Boroński (IT4Innovations)
Michal Misiurewicz (Indiana U.- Purdue U. at Indianapolis)
Piotr Oprocha (AGH University of Science and Technology & IT4Innovations)
Grzegorz Świątek (Warsaw University of Technology)


Special Guests (confirmed)

Henk Bruin (Universität Wien)
Eli Glasner (Tel-Aviv University)
Chris Mouron (Rhodes College)
Serge Troubetzkoy (Aix-Marseille University)
Benjamin Weiss (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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